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South Lanes Studios say…

"After being recommended to us for their hard work and creativity, we are super happy to feature this exciting business in our blog. From brands to bands, Wild Stag Studio have worked alongside a wide range of creatives, as highlighted in their portfolio. The Brighton video production company is made up of a team of hardworking individuals, always aiming to achieve and capture a client’s vision. Wild Stag Studio ensure to grasp as many exciting opportunities as possible and strive to create diverse content as they delve into projects outside of the city too." (M. Carnie, 2020)

Quickfire! Tell us a little bit about yourself…


"Dave Neale (Company Director)."

Profession and/or Business

"Video production."

The year you started


Favourite colour


Song/Artist/Band you’re loving at the moment

"Yakul (a Brighton act we have worked with in the past but their music and mad skills are so incredible)."

Random fact or favourite pastime

"Most of the team have a musical background and we have had multiple record deals between us."

An intro…

"I created Wild Stag Studio after stepping away from the music industry where I had been a touring musician for 10 years. Our aim is to create cinematic, engaging and emotive content for brands, businesses and artists that get them noticed."

A showcase of our work...

Video Showreel:

Music Video Showreel:

Portfolio Link - https://wildstagstudio.com/portfolio/

Music Video Web Page - https://wildstagstudio.com/musicvideos/

Services we offer...

Specifically for musicians and artists, we provide:

Performance and Narrative Music Videos

Live Sessions

Lyric Videos

Live Gig Filming

Cinematic Live Streaming

Every job is different therefore we create bespoke quotes depending on what the client needs and their budgets. POA

South Lanes Studios ask...

How have you been creatively adapting your business/hobby at this time? "We have created a lot more content from pre-existing footage, but also invested in a live streaming setup so as soon as the lockdown is loosened slightly we are ready to help musicians reach their fans. We are also on hand to help in any way we can if musicians want to get in touch with ideas."

If you are still operating, what services are you offering and how? "We are still editing and in pre-production for a number of projects that will start filming as soon as we are able. We can create lyric videos or highlight edits for musicians to still be releasing content on their socials." What do you think consumers can do to support the arts industry during this time? "It’s such a hard time for musicians at the moment with their entire industry pretty much grinding to a halt. Buying a physical copy of their work, some merch or a donation to a Just Giving page will go a long way." Lastly, what have you learnt or upskilled during your quarantined time? "Some of us have kids which means we haven’t had a lot of time to upskill, but learning the live streaming process and colour grading projects have been very helpful."

Is there anything else you would like to add? "This time has been tough for pretty much everybody but anyone in the arts who is feeling down, we need you more than ever so we can find some escapism in this terrible situation. I speak for a lot of people when I say that I will be desperate to go to a gig or a festival as soon as I am able to. Just hang in there!"


"Wild Stag Studio transformed the visual identity of our business. We owe our whole USP of 'Cinematic' presentation to their skills and expertise. Aside from their incredible product, we couldn't ask for a more reasonable, generous and reliable partner in business.'" - Josh Bevan, Riptide Wrestling 2020.

"I chose Wild Stag to shoot my band's promo video and we were so so thrilled with the experience of working with them from start to finish. They are super professional, reasonably priced, accommodating and patient! The results of the video were stunning and have really helped us in promoting our business." - Tor Hills, La Tour 2019.

"Dave and his team are just the best to work with - great eyes for detail, super professional and efficient, and the nicest of guys. I've worked with them on a whole range of video projects (mostly within music) and I recommend them to people all the time." - Sam Coveney, Small Pond Recordings 2019.

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Website: www.wildstagstudio.com Email: info@wildstagstudio.com

Phone: 01273 457 757

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