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*RCP Car Park, RCP Car Park, North Road, Brighton
Entry Between 06:00-09:00 (exit before midnight) - £9.00
Entry After 5pm (exit before 3am) - £6.00

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*Prices subject to data from October 2021


Do you offer discounts for Students and NHS?
The simple answer is yes! We continue to support students and NHS workers within the music industry by providing a healthy discount on our recording and rehearsal rates. All you need is a valid ID card at the time of arrival for your studio session.
What equipment do you have available?
Please see a full equipment list at the top of our website titled 'Gear'.
Am I able to visit the studio and meet the engineer 1-2-1 before booking?
Absolutely! Simply get in touch and we can book a 30-minute consultation with the most suited engineer/producer for your music, plus you can see the space you would be working in.
How much studio time do I need to book?
Send us an email to and let us know how many tracks you're looking to record as well as if you plan to record with a full band and if you require pre-production or post-production work (such as mixing or mastering). We will quote you free of charge and are happy to answer any questions you may have!
What is pre-production?
Pre-production is a 2-to-3 hour rehearsal session before your studio days with your recording engineer and/or producer to showcase your music and run through any creative ideas. We introduced pre-production as a free service for artists who choose to record and mix their tracks with us in-house. Pre-prod, for short, is fun and a key component to a successful session... plus it's a chance to meet your recording engineer/producer for the first time before your studio session.
Our team love pre-production sessions as they estimate how much time your track will need in the studio from start to finish, identify the sound you want to achieve (from songwriting, artistic influences, and reference tracks), and suggest any track edits for the recording itself. Pre-production ensures a smooth and efficient recording process.
If you're interested in a pre-production session for your upcoming demos/tracks with a professional recording engineer and/or producer, but you are looking to record/mix elsewhere, you can also book a session by dropping us an email and we will be in touch.
What do I need to bring on the day?
Pre-production is also a great opportunity to discuss what equipment will be used during your recording session. We always recommend bringing any equipment you feel will come in use and that defines your sound as an artist. Drummers will bring breakables, such as snare, cymbals, kick pedals, etc. and guitarists and bassists bring their own instruments and pedals. Feel free to bring anything to experiment with to your pre-production and/or studio sessions.
Can I take files away with me on the day?
In short, the answer is yes you can! Please bring a hard drive with you.
What do I do if I need to reschedule?
Our rescheduling policy differs depending on the service. Please email us if you wish to discuss rescheduling and check the terms and conditions below on our timeframe for rescheduling/cancellations.
Why South Lanes Studios?
Based in the heart of Brighton, we are a super accessible and competitive music recording and rehearsal studio aiming to help aspiring musicians take a step closer to their goals. Our team is made up of passionate and active individuals within the music industry.
Since opening on 1st February 2020, we have expanded our studio services, built our own soundproofed studio and rehearsal spaces, strengthened our relationships within the industry, and have actively created new jobs within the local music industry.
We focus on quality customer service, providing you with all the tools you need to succeed. Our aim is to find the right sound for you. You are our Number 1 priority as you contribute to the beating heart of our local music scene.