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In celebration of International Women's Day, I caught up with Meg Carnie, co-founder of South Lanes Studios and the first female studio founder in Brighton. Through our discussion of gender representation and inclusivity, I got an insight into her take on the current music scene, and found out how it feels to break the mould and redesign The Industry Standard. Successful women deserve to be admired and honoured; that goes without saying. And despite the advances made for women in the progression of the 21st-century, it is essential to retain the notion that there is always room for improvement. The music industry still creates barriers and segments—partitions, in which many novel artists and musicians must bend their own character and...

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INDUSTRY INSIGHT // International Women's Day 2022 - Women in Electronic Music - The Real Housewives

International Women's Day has come around once more, and this year, I took a deep dive into a musical subsection near and dear to my heart - Electronic Music. The role of the DJ is one that has been branded with masculinity. Still, it's time we gave some respect to the ladies of the House and explored why this is a genre where gender divides have been so continuously pervasive. Electronic music is arguably one of the most culturally formative genres out there. From Acid Rave to Eurodance, all the way back to Jungle, Breakbeat and Minimal Tech, rave culture and electronic music has permeated fashion and nightlife and broken into the mainstream. So whether you're partial to a skank...

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New Music: High Regard // Worth It

An electric blast of reminiscence and resonance: the intro pervades the senses and plunges one into the tantalising edges of this new, pulsating, pop-punk hit from High Regard. Immediately, you can feel it. A throwback sensation, enwrapped within guttural guitar riffs, and intermingled with an innovative and modern rage, defining of the perfect combination of an older sound and a newer take. The fun and upbeat persistence of the track eloquently suggests that, in a live setting, High Regard would prevail faultlessly. The leading female vocals create this atmosphere of a youthful angst enraging against the electrifying sounds of its own punk essence; perfect for a bedroom encasement, or a moment of self-reflection in the bathroom mirror during the early...

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