IAMSUUBI’s new single ‘Got Me Trippin’’ showcases elevated R&B stylings alongside a mesmerising set of sensual vocals, and a synth sound that leans towards a futuristic feel. 

A delicate trill of piano keys perforate the edge of the track, filtering slowly into the surrounding tempo, as the song starts promisingly with a fulfilment of sensuality. The intro bleeds in slowly, providing a classic and sophisticated feel, and a desire to listen onward. Imagining a darkened room, dimly lit and with a soft light beating down upon a set of keys, as a shadowed figure sets into the background and plays the tune. A warped vocal beneath the soft sounds filters through, adding a hum of a heightened tune, succinctly melting the three opposing forces together. 

Raw leading vocals intimately crawl into the beat, assuring a level of intimacy. Their rugged yet delicate vocal stylings heighten the air of sensuality, as the track transforms upon entrance. The words ‘got me trippin’’ are sung with an air of nonchalance that sums up the intention; an overwhelming calm but formidable air, directed both towards an open space, or that one specific individual. 

Deepened tones of distorted backing lyrics contribute to that “late-night” feeling, as if it’s 3am and the introverted and lonely sensations are clouding over with the intoxicated sensations that that time of night welcomes. The lead overlaps, and sings earnestly and desperately for their number; perhaps, trying to sink into the steady beat and allude to those lonelier and more blurred parts of the evening. As the song progresses, the track sinks into that exact feeling, encapsulating the listener. 

Contrasting sounds suggest a layering technique,  poising the song as developed and elevated. The deeper vocals, which underly and repeat, submerge the song within an envelopment that doesn’t pertain to a certain time or space; and the lighter, softer vocals assert themselves back to a reality, peppering the lead singing with a more delicate, feminine touch. It seems to give the song a purpose, and the gentle thrum of both opposing forces melting into an R&B sound. 

The track ends gently and with an intended ease, not before a bridge of somewhat darker and more futuristic synth sounds, almost suctioning themselves to the segment. Alongside a soft hum from the supporting vocals, and a deeper tone that suggests one can “take it slow”, the combined effect of these synth-like noises fused with the slow-tempo hip-hop backing sample is a welcomed contrast. Perfectly mixed and combined. 

To end, it returns cyclically to the soft entrance of piano keys and gentle synth, as the lead vocal filters slowly away, and juxtaposition between high and low—and dark and light—sets into the final notes. A wonderful track for those late nights and early mornings; it captures the sensation of sensuality and loss in a manner that eases the air. 

“Got Me Trippin’” will be out everywhere 20th May 2022. To keep up to date with IAMSUUBI, be sure to follow him on social media:

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Written by: Emma Betts of South Lanes Studios

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