New Music: High Regard // Worth It

An electric blast of reminiscence and resonance: the intro pervades the senses and plunges one into the tantalising edges of this new, pulsating, pop-punk hit from High Regard. Immediately, you can feel it. A throwback sensation, enwrapped within guttural guitar riffs, and intermingled with an innovative and modern rage, defining of the perfect combination of an older sound and a newer take.
Worth It // High Regard
The fun and upbeat persistence of the track eloquently suggests that, in a live setting, High Regard would prevail faultlessly. The leading female vocals create this atmosphere of a youthful angst enraging against the electrifying sounds of its own punk essence; perfect for a bedroom encasement, or a moment of self-reflection in the bathroom mirror during the early hours. Screaming lyrically against the thrashing of guitars and drums, the song carries this beat perfectly, and demands to be heard.
High Regard // Photo Credit: PJ Photography
What is so refreshing is the contrast between taking an older, early-00s sound and forcing a contemporary twist upon it. It showcases the nuance and talent of the five-piece, and emphasises that a developed sense of simplicity is the most punctuating: creating this incredible, electrifying aura, making everybody around you in the crowd want to dance.
Be sure to check out this new, fun and upbeat track, ‘Worth It’.
High Regard
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This piece was written by Emma Betts

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