LIVE REVIEW // SLS Presents Sergio Selva, Fukushima Dolphin, and Lisa Lo @ The Hope and Ruin

On Thursday 10th March 2022, South Lanes Studios took over The Hope and Ruin with a gig that’s been two years in the making. A recurrent theme in the lives of artists in the post-COVID-19 era, rain checks on gigs are a by-product of the new normal. Facing an audience who’ve waited close to 730 days to see you on stage is enough to cause anxiety in even the most seasoned of performers. However, Sergio Selva did not miss a beat and gave us an electric night of soulful serenading with the help of two incredible support acts.
First on the lineup was Lisa Lo. Armed with Pianist Dave Bryce by her side, Lisa won the room over within the first few bars of her opening song. Honey-sweet vocals with a comforting strength, she filled the room with her soulful sound and kept the audience hanging onto every note. Her charming personality shone through in her interactions with the crowd, showcasing a personality as familiar as the depth in her voice.
Her set was an embodiment of the new era of soul. Weaving together a blend of originals and covers by icons of neo-soul, KAIIT and Pip Millett, she demonstrated an expert ability to imprint her image onto genre-defining tracks without losing herself. A timeless voice, expect big things on the horizon for Lisa Lo.
Fukushima Dolphin are the Brighton live music equivalent of witnessing a beautiful sunset - they never get old. Much like the sunset, their sound brings with it an ethereal, colourful quality, transfixing the audience. Two talented multi-instrumentalists, the dynamic duo once again proved their unbelievable ability to create a symphonic tune with just four hands and a loop-pedal.
Constructing melodies reminiscent of 80s Psych-Rock and 90s Dance House, Fukushima Dolphin are a must-see band. One of the most consistently impressive artists out there, their live shows provide the perfect balance of quirky individuality, exceptional talent and charismatic likeability. If you ever get the opportunity to see a Fukushima Dolphin show, you should take it. The construction of their kaleidoscopic sound calls into question the necessity of a band with more than two members as they weave together melodies with natural ease. Personal highlights include their trip-infused cover of Stevie Wonder's ‘Superstition’.


Having waited so long to grace the stage, Sergio Selva treated the audience to a cover-to-cover rendition of his forthcoming Album ‘Ever Closer’ that did not disappoint. A body of work initially anticipated to be an EP, the long run up to the show has allowed Sergio to develop his sound. To witness the performance of this Album in full was truly an experience to remember. Captivating the audience with his controlled, commanding yet unmistakably soulful voice, Sergio proved himself to be a force to be reckoned with in the Brighton Soul scene. The performance was uplifted by a live band comprised of Stephen Bamidele, Ollie Foreman, Ish Hussein & Kim Roman. Performing with the effortless grace of a band who’ve been playing together for a lifetime, the collective complimented each other perfectly.

Lacing together timeless melodies, Sergio’s sound rests somewhere in between comforting familiarity and refreshing originality. It was evident that he had used his time away from the stage to hone in on his talent and develop his sound to unbelievable highs. His humble-natured audience interactions demonstrated his charming demeanour, and it was clear he had the crowd under his spell. Dancing, singing along to the previously released track ‘Stay’ and pining for an encore, the atmosphere was captivating. An uplifting and magical night, Sergio Selva smashed it out of the water, earning his stripes as a master of soul.



How are you feeling to be here tonight, after two years?
Good but also nervous. As you said, two years since the gig was originally booked, so anticipation has been building up for those two years.

Do you feel like your sound has changed a lot in that time?
100% it definitely has! With lockdown, I couldn't actually be with my band. I was writing a lot by myself. I got a lot more into production. That's my full-time job now; I jumped really hard into that.

Wow! So you're an all-rounder now, self-producing?
Yeah, I do everything myself. Before, I used to get my drummer and my bassist to send their parts, and then I'd deal with the rest of it, but now I do everything from home, which can get lonely!

How did you manage to keep motivated over the pandemic?
It came in waves. I was doing a production course over the first year of the lockdown, so that was keeping me busy. This past year, I've played keys for Steven Bamidele and Scoop Monty, which has kept me busy for a while.

What does the Brighton music scene mean to you?

It's where I honed in on my music because the place I used to live, a little town called Sudbury, was very singer-songwriter-y. But when I moved here, I started playing keys, my whole music direction changed.

What can we expect to hear from you tonight?
I'm in the process of recording an album, 'Ever Closer', and tonight I'll be playing the tracklist from start to finish. It delves into more of a concept album because the first half of the album is my older stuff that I've been doing the past four or five years and the second half is more recent, so it progresses through my musical journey.

How would you describe yourself to a new audience member that doesn't know anything about you?
The early stuff is more Jazz, Neo-Soul; the newer stuff leans into more traditional soul - Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder.

Got any music recommendations for the readers?
I watched the 'Get Back’ documentary, and I never had a Beatles phase when I was growing up, so I've just been absolutely rinsing them!

Favourite Beatles track?
Difficult question! Probably Baby, You're A Rich Man off of ‘The Magical Mystery Tour’ Album.


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Lisa Lo:

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Written by: Alice Hingley of South Lanes Studios

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