Every month, Behind The Playlist chats to members of our community to get a taste of their taste. This edition has been curated by South Lanes Studios own Sam Webb. One of our talented in-house Sound Engineers, known for a fondness for fat riffs. Sam is a lover of those hard, heavy rock sounds but don’t let the hardcore reputation fool you, he’s also got a soft spot for George Michael. Here’s his take on Behind the Playlist.

What’s Your Current Most Played?

Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve

My favourite thing about this tune is the big sound of the strings. This is one pretty song! 


Favourite Brighton Band?

Wasp In The Room - Signature Gold

I like the attitude that Signature Gold have! Milo is an amazing frontman, he absolutely embodies the attitude of the band. 


South Lanes Selection

Boys Still Cry - Jarki Monno

I love the deep lyrical themes in this song, it covers some really important topics. I also really enjoy the overall dark aesthetic of the artwork.


A Track You Could Never Get Tired of?

Everybody Talks - Neon Trees

This song is so catchy! It always gets stuck in my head but I love it.


A New Band You’re Loving - Your One to Watch!

Milk Lunchbox - Let's Swim, Get Swimming

These guys are incredible musicians! They're a Math Rock band and they're so sick.


Your Teenage Obsession?

Damaged Case - Motörhead

I like the beefy riffs in this track. This song got me hooked on Motörhead, I love the complexity of the riffs in the simplicity of the song. Rock and Roll attitude! They’re the reason I started playing guitar. 


A Golden Oldie?

Careless Whisper - George Michael

That sax riff is absolutely sexy. George Michael is my guilty pleasure and this is my shower song.


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Sam’s Instagram - @samwebb01

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