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Every month, Behind The Playlist chats to members of our community to get a taste of their taste. This edition has been curated by South Lanes Studios own Alice Hingley. Overseeing Press and Customer Relationships for SLS, Alice is also a Music Journalist and Radio Host who has worked with some of the brightest names in the underground scene. Here’s her take on Behind The Playlist.


Your Current Most Played?

Just Friends - Amy Winehouse

I found an Amy Winehouse Live vinyl a couple of weeks ago and since then I’ve been stuck in her discography. Everybody loves Amy, I especially enjoy her tracks where you can hear the dub influence. 

Favourite Brighton Band?

Radiator Centre - Hutch 

This is a tough one - Brighton’s music scene is so strong at the moment! But I think I’d have to say Hutch. Their Twang-Pop sound is so unique, I’ve seen them live a few times now and they never miss.

A South Lanes Selection?

JCVD - Room Service. 

I love this tune!! It’s crazy in the best possible way, plus, Adrian used a Tape Recorder on the drum fills - which is so funky. 

A Track You Could Never Get Tired of?

Another Day (kfc) - CMAT. 

CMAT had to be included on this list somewhere! I’m not sure what she laces her music with, but it is addictive. Whatever the situation, if you put me on the music I’ll go for one of her tracks. Party? CMAT. Driving? CMAT. Office tunes? CMAT. (just ask Niamh lol). 

A New Band You’re Loving - Your One to Watch!

Deep Murky Water - Honeyglaze. 

Honeyglaze are definitely my ones to watch! Their debut album just dropped and it is so worth the listen. Their sound is unique but still has that warm familiarity to it - they remind me of a moody 90s band and I love it.

Your Teenage Obsession?

Know What I Want - Kali Uchis. 

The day 15 year old Alice discovered Kali Uchis something shifted! She’s still iconic, but her music really reminds me of a transitional time in my life and I think there’s something really empowering about it. 

A Golden Oldie?

Heart of Glass - Blondie and Cars - Gary Newman

This question was really hard so have two! I had to be strategic here and I think the reason I love both these tracks is because they’re both so influential on a lot of the music being released now. I love electronic music, and 'The Pleasure Principle' is a groundbreaking album for that genre. In terms of the Blondie track, I mean Debbie Harry - need I say more? Talk about an ICON!

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