Every month, Behind The Playlist chats to members of our community to get a taste of their taste. This edition has been curated by South Lanes Studios own Adrian Bunn. One of our talented in-house Sound Engineers, Adrian is renowned for his innovative and creative methods of recording and producing. A lover of music from across the spectrum, Adrian is particularly inspired by sounds from the psychedelic realm. Here’s his take on Behind the Playlist.

What’s Your Current Most Played?

Shipping Yard - Mossy

I really like the production on this track. I found it in a Stuart White mixing masterclass on YouTube and I just really rated it! Stuart White is up there as one of my favourite engineers.

Favourite Brighton Band?

The End is Nigh - Staff Party

I like the noise in this tune!  Staff Party are a great bunch and they make excellent noisy tunes. I had the pleasure of assisting on one of their recording sessions.

South Lanes Selection

JCVD - Room Service. 

Jean Claude Van Damne Man! I was lucky enough to play a part in this homage to a legend, sending the drums through a Mono Tape Deck in the name of JCVD.

A Track You Could Never Get Tired of?

Mr Tillman - Father John Misty

I love the songwriting, production and arrangement on this track, actually, the whole album! It’s amazing.

A New Band You’re Loving - Your One to Watch!

Radiator Centre - Hutch

Great Songwriting, great production, great band.

Your Teenage Obsession?

Benzin - Rammstein

Had a big thing for Rammstein when I was a youngun’. I’ve always loved the dark industrial sound, this is one of the first albums I ever bought. 

A Golden Oldie?

The Wait - The Band

It’s a vibe. My dad always used to play this track and it makes me happy.

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Adrian’s Instagram - @homebrun

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